Yes! I want to help change ALP policy

Yes! I want to help change ALP policy

Thanks for indicating you’re willing to be involved in the effort to change ALP policy at this year’s national conference.

We need people active all around the country to lobby delegates, politicians and unions to build momentum for them to adopt a fair and decent policy.  You might want a speaker at an ALP branch or be willing to speak yourself.

APAN will have materials to brief and support people undertaking meetings, and we expect that people will go in small groups.

Lobbying always works best if there is a link to people who are being lobbied – so we’d love to know if you are a member of a Trade Union and your address so we can connect you with your MP.

If you know your electorate, please put in in here. Note electoral boundaries for many places have just changed. If there is something here already, then we have this information from previous campaigns you've participated in.
Are you a member of a Trade Union? If so, please tell us which one
If you are a member of a political party, and are willing to work within this party for Palestine, please tell us which party you are a member of
It is helpful for us to know if you are of Palestinian origin
This is for you to think about what specifically you might like to engage in. For example an ALP Branch meeting discussion? Individual lobbying meetings to delegates?